Month: April 2021

Lubricants, Vibrators, and Sex Toys for Marital Enhancement Episode 32

Modesty, lack of information, and embarrassment are just some factors that inhibit observant couples from using products designed to enhance sexual intimacy. In this episode, Rabbi Scott Kahn and Talli Rosenbaum host Beverly Damelin, who shares her expertise in the field of sexual enhancement products and explains how they can help improve the sexual experience.

Masechet Nidah 17a

תא שמע ושל בית מונבז המלך היו עושין ג’ דברים ומזכירין אותן לשבח היו משמשין מטותיהם ביום… קתני מיהא משמשין מטותיהן ביום אימא בודקין מטותיהם ביום הכי נמי מסתברא דאי ס”ד משמשין מזכירין אותן לשבח אין ה”נ דאגב דאיכא אונס שינה מגניא באפיה.

Come and hear: The House of Munbaz the King was accustomed to doing three things, and they are remembered positively for them. First, they would have marital intercourse during the day… Say instead that this refers to “checking” their beds [rather than having intercourse] in the day. This is also a logical conclusion, for if it meant intercourse, [why would they be] remembered positively? [Meaning: even if having intercourse in the day is permitted, it is at best something neutral rather than a reason for Munbaz to be praised.] Actually, yes indeed [having intercourse in the day is a positive thing], because [nighttime intercourse may involve] the man’s overwhelming need to sleep, thereby making him disgusted with his wife [i.e., with the idea of having intercourse with her].

Rashi on Nidah 17a

אונס שינה – מתוך שהוא נאנס בשינה אינו מתאווה לה כל כך ומשמש לקיום מצות עונה בעלמא או לרצותה ולבו קץ בה…

Overwhelming need to sleep – Since he is overcome by sleep, he does not desire her very much, and has intercourse just for the mitzvah of onah or to appease her, while his heart is fed up with her…

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